The UK Sustainable and Ethical Menswear List – 2021

The UK Sustainable and Ethical Menswear List – 2021

With the danger of fast fashion seemingly in the news every week now, how do we turn our old fast fashion habits into new ethical and environmentally friendly ones? Well, the answer is to buy sustainable and ethical menswear of course!

At ecoLogicc, we thought it was time to share as many sustainable and ethical menswear brands as we could possibly find. We have been searching far and wide to get together as many brands as possible that suit as many styles as possible.

But of course, this is not an inexhaustible list and there are continuously new, innovative, and exciting brands emerging every year. So please comment on our post or visit our Instagram or Facebook to join our community and comment on your favourite sustainable brands too!

Sustainable and Ethical Menswear: Top Brands

  • Nu-in

Only founded in 2019, this Swedish brand has ascended to be one of the most popular sustainable brands in Europe. From the materials to water usage, emissions and transparency, Nu-in is an industry leader in the sustainable and ethical menswear space.

  • Pangaia

Based between London, New York and Moscow, Pangaia actually describe themselves as a materials science company. A quick look through their science page and you’ll see the incredible care they have taken in the design of each of their materials and products. For them, climate action is just the tip of the iceberg and they take biodiversity, social action and philanthropy to the next level.

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  • Arket

Having made huge strides to become sustainable, Arket have managed to reduce their carbon footprint massively. They continue to be ambitious with the target of being fully circular by 2030.

  • Saye

From humble beginnings on Kickstarter, Saye have been producing sustainable sneakers and steadily building a dedicated fanbase across Europe and beyond! They use vegan and recycled materials across all their products to minimse their environmental impact.

  • Ecoalf

Since their foundation in 2009, Ecoalf have made sure sustainability is at the heart of everything they do, which is probably partly the reason they are doing so well. Many companies have to adapt to include sustainability but Ecoalf have been built for the future. With a whole host of products and regular sales, Ecoalf is a reliable pick for your wardrobe.

  • Patagonia

Patagonia need no introduction and have been a popular brand for decades. Originally purely an outdoor brand they have crept into the streetwear market. Yet they take sustainability very seriously and have been donating to protect the environment since the 1980s and they aim to be a carbon neutral company by 2025!

  • Unrecorded

A Dutch company that provides essential pieces for your wardrobe, Unrecorded take sustainable and ethical menswear very seriously. By completely eradicating waste from their production and guaranteeing their supply chain is free from companies exploiting our planet they are a company to keep tabs on.

  • Meller

We had to include Meller on this list as a bit of a different option. To complete your outfit and make sure it’s completely sustainable you need to have your accessories in order hence why Meller is the perfect eyewear brand to include as part of this sustainable and ethical menswear list. Meller take great care with all the materials used in their products and are eyewear industry leaders!

  • Veja

Probably the most popular trainer in the sustainable and ethical menswear space, Veja has been making trainers since 2005. A quick browse through their site will show you how they take into account every detail to guarantee a shoe that is both environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

  • Wawwa

Wawwa made the decision to make their clothes vegan in 2017 and shortly after they started using recycled materials and their sustainable journey has only continued upwards since! Providing unique streetwear products, Wawwa is essential for the ethically minded fashionista.

  • Colourful Standard

Colourful Standard won’t blow you away with wild designs but they don’t pretend to either. This is a one-stop shop for all your basics and they are committed to being a sustainable and ethical menswear brand through vegan as well as recycled materials.

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Sustainable and Ethical Menswear: Honourable Mentions

  • Arc’teryx

By just having a read of Arc’teryx’s sustainability page and you’ll see they say the best purchase is no purchase at all! They are honest that purchasing from them won’t save the planet however, they have purposely made durable products, made science-based targets for the future, and are committed to becoming a circular brand. Ones to look out for in the future for sure.

  • Everlane – Sustainable collection

Everlane made a bold commitment to cut all virgin plastic from their business by 2021. They are so close to doing it so we felt they deserved a mention too! Through a focus on recycled materials and processes that do not damage the environment, Everlane have made a huge turnaround.

  • Know the Origin

As a bit of a different option, Know the Origin is actually a marketplace for sustainable and ethical menswear rather than just a brand itself. With such a great array of products beyond clothing, Know the Origin is definitely an online shop to keep bookmarked.

Don’t forget, purchasing new items should only be if you really need them!

There are plenty of items out there that can be used and there are hidden gems to be found in the second-hand market. Places like Depop and Etsy are places to start straight away or head down to your local charity shop or kilo sale. These are the places you kind find truly unique pieces to add to your wardrobe.

This has been The UK Sustainable and Ethical Menswear List 2021. If you want to see more content like this check out our social media platforms below!

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