Sustainability Articles

Laurie Dalton25/08/20211886 min read

How to Slow Men’s Fashion in 2021

Sustainable fashion has been growing. Yet women’s fashion has been prioritised over men’s, despite it’s huge impact. This article is all about how to slow men’s fashion.
Laurie Dalton25/08/20211895 min read

The UK Sustainable and Ethical Menswear List – 2021

For the best sustainable and ethical menswear brands, check out this 2021 list!
Laurie Dalton06/01/20212794 min read

Development of wooden satellites to minimise environmental impact by 2023

The carbon cost of the space industry and the increase in space debris has led to the exploration of using wooden satellites. Will they really work?
Laurie Dalton22/12/20203035 min read

5 Ways to Gift Consciously this Holiday Season (and anytime after)

With Christmas right around the corner, we have collaborated with the Canadian climate girl Karishma to show you how to gift more consciously now and forever!
Laurie Dalton03/12/20204165 min read

Sustainable fashion brands for an eco-Christmas 2020

In time for the festive period, we have collaborated with eco-conscious lifestyle influencer sustainablesistaa to give sustainable fashion ideas for Christmas.
Laurie Dalton21/11/202049311 min read

Best book recommendations for Christmas 2020

If you’re looking for book gifts this Christmas then we have you covered. Here we list some amazing books read by influencers, ecologicc writers and friends of the site.
Helena Gray10/11/20203904 min read

Net Zero Asia: Looking Ahead to Ambitious Climate Pledges 2050

Despite China being the largest emitter of greenhouse gases owing to its voracious appetite for coal, ambitious plans have been set across Asia to potentially make Asia a net zero powerhouse.
Laurie Dalton02/11/20203265 min read

Electric cars soon to be the cheapest option but not in the UK

Prices of electric vehicles are continuing to fall regardless of the pandemic. But will Britain lag behind in the electric car savings?