Sustainability Articles

Laurie Dalton21/10/20204755 min read

Carbon Neutrality in Football and Forest Green Rovers FC

A small football club in the UK has shown how you can be carbon neutral. Find out how they did it!
Laurie Dalton05/10/20203515 min read

Latest Innovation in Renewables to Drastically Increase Energy Output Globally

Find out how innovation in the renewable energy sector will drastically help the global energy sector in the future.
Laurie Dalton17/08/20203846 min read

The Catastrophic Impacts of the Fashion Industry

Fashion is associated with some of the worst environmental and ethic consequences as a result of the capitalist society that many of us live in. Read more to find exactly what.
Laurie Dalton28/07/20202736 min read

The Green Homes Grant – Wrong place, wrong time?

With the Green homes grant announced on the 8th of July, just how much potential does it have to save you money and keep energy demand down?
Laurie Dalton21/07/20202404 min read

Loop’s “Zero-waste” supermarket shopping

It can be really hard to do your weekly shop without feeling guilty about all your waste and packaging. But Loop hopes to change that, find out how.
Laurie Dalton13/07/20204603 min read

Interview with Thomas Constant, BeoBia Founder

Check out ecoLogicc’s first interview with BeoBia. The edible insect startup has just released their first product Re_.
Chris Hazell02/07/20206178 min read

The carbon cost of commercial space travel

SpaceX is making commercial space travel a reality, and with the success of its latest Crew Dragon mission it’s only a matter of time before we’re all holidaying on the moon. But what effect will this new travel industry have on climate change?
Chris Hazell04/06/202059310 min read

Coronavirus and sustainability: Lessons from the global pandemic

As lockdown is being lifted it’s hard to see normality returning. Predictions of a new post coronavirus world are surfacing. It’s looking for sustainability!