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Shaun Beattie08/12/20211037 min read

COP26 & Agriculture: Was Food Security the missing ingredient?

Guest writer Shaun explores why agriculture and food security was the missing ingredient at COP26.
Laurie Dalton04/12/2021886 min read

International Wildlife Conservation Day 2021 – Why Conservation is so Important

With global wildlife populations on course for a 6th mass extinction. Wildlife conservation is of paramount importance if we’re to successfully preserve complex ecosystems and food chains in the 21st century.
Laurie Dalton11/08/20213014 min read

IPCC Report 2021: Reaction, Headlines and Implications

The latest IPCC report 2021 has been launched and paints a more precise yet terrifying picture of the past, present and future of climate change.
Laurie Dalton10/01/20212735 min read

US Wetlands recovery could solve water pollution crisis

The US has struggled with river pollution for centuries. Yet new research indicates how restoring wetlands could be the answer. Find out how.
Laurie Dalton06/01/20212994 min read

Development of wooden satellites to minimise environmental impact by 2023

The carbon cost of the space industry and the increase in space debris has led to the exploration of using wooden satellites. Will they really work?
Laurie Dalton28/12/20201774 min read

Motorsport goes green with Extreme E

A new racing series backed by Lewis Hamilton looks to lead the highly polluting motorsport industry towards a greener future, but how?
Laurie Dalton21/12/20203195 min read

2021 to be colder despite global warming continuing

2020 has been a record-breaking year for wildfires, hurricanes, flooding and global warming. Yet, the Met Office suggests that 2021 may be cooler, so why is this?
Laurie Dalton18/12/20203198 min read

Best Climate Movies and Documentaries for a dreamy 2021

Just in time for Christmas and the host of new lockdowns, we have provided some of the best nature and climate change movies as well as documentaries.