Environment Articles

Laurie Dalton10/01/20211865 min read

US Wetlands recovery could solve water pollution crisis

The US has struggled with river pollution for centuries. Yet new research indicates how restoring wetlands could be the answer. Find out how.
Laurie Dalton06/01/20211924 min read

Development of wooden satellites to minimise environmental impact by 2023

The carbon cost of the space industry and the increase in space debris has led to the exploration of using wooden satellites. Will they really work?
Laurie Dalton28/12/2020984 min read

Motorsport goes green with Extreme E

A new racing series backed by Lewis Hamilton looks to lead the highly polluting motorsport industry towards a greener future, but how?
Laurie Dalton21/12/20202145 min read

2021 to be colder despite global warming continuing

2020 has been a record-breaking year for wildfires, hurricanes, flooding and global warming. Yet, the Met Office suggests that 2021 may be cooler, so why is this?
Laurie Dalton18/12/20201867 min read

Best Climate Change and Nature Movies/Documentaries 2020

Just in time for Christmas and the host of new lockdowns, we have provided some of the best nature and climate change movies as well as documentaries.
Valentina Gomez27/11/20204206 min read

Hurricane Iota and the dire consequences for Caribbean nations

Hurricane Iota; the strongest hurricane many Caribbean countries have ever experienced generated huge destruction. Read here to find out more.
Laurie Dalton21/11/202041711 min read

Best book recommendations for Christmas 2020

If you’re looking for book gifts this Christmas then we have you covered. Here we list some amazing books read by influencers, ecologicc writers and friends of the site.
Laurie Dalton16/11/20203046 min read

Black Friday 2020 will be environmentally damaging – Here’s how to reduce your impact

While Black Friday allows us to get gifts that were otherwise unaffordable, the explosion in emissions is harming our planet. So how can you curb your Black Friday emissions?