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Laurie DaltonAug 3, 202213938 min read

The importance of sustainable jewellery and the impacts of the mining industry

Sustainable jewellery is vital for an industry thathas major impacts on the planet, but just how bad is the jewellery indsutry for the planet?
Laurie DaltonJun 29, 202227527 min read

The Best Songs about Climate Change: Climate Songs 2022

When doing your bit for climate change listen to these climate songs for 2022 and beyond. It is hard to find climate songs so you’re welcome!
Harry DaltonJun 27, 20226446 min read

The Problem with Energy Storage and Energy Grids in the 2020’s

Energy storage could be the key to maintaining our trajectory towards a net-zero planet. Yet there is still a major flaw in this strategy. Read to find out.
Valentina GomezJun 21, 20225986 min read

What Gustavo Petro means for the climate – Colombia elections 2022

Gustavo Petro is Colombia’s first left-wing president but what does this mean for Colombia’s environment and the climate? Read to find out!
Laurie DaltonJun 13, 20226705 min read

Greening football is a win for you and the planet

Traditionally, there has been little progress to carbon neutrality in the sports indsutry with one exception, Forest Green FC. Find out how they have been greening football!
Marc ShellardMay 2, 20228656 min read

Most innovative methods of coral restoration – protecting reefs before it’s too late

Marc is back for part II of his coral restoration blog series where he explores the most innovative methods for coral restoration.
Marc ShellardApr 18, 20226045 min read

Coral Reef conservation and it’s potential for natural protection in 2022

What exactly are corals, why are they so important to our world, and just how do we carry out coral reef conservation?
Shaun BeattieFeb 6, 20228664 min read

The Impressive Underwater Forests of Seaweed fighting climate change

Find out why seaweed is the most effective natural way to absorb carbon from our atmosphere.