Sustainability Articles

Laurie Dalton01/06/20202377 min read

Why I ate insects for a week

Have you ever considered alternative diets? See why I took part in a 7-Day Insect challenge and why it turned out to be easier than I originally thought.
Chris Hazell28/05/20206986 min read

The biggest lesson of sustainability

Studying sustainability at master’s level has changed me. My mind subconsciously thinks green before anything else. But what has led me to this automated way of thinking?
Chris Hazell21/05/202025512 min read

How I became carbon neutral: carbon offsetting for the individual

I have successfully become carbon neutral, without changing a thing, all for less than £100. The net carbon emissions of my 24 years living and consuming on this planet are zero, or so I’d like to think.
ecoLogicc18/05/202017794 min read

What on Earth is ecoLogicc?

Welcome to ecoLogicc – From culture to climate change, we aim to put the Logic into ecoLogicc bringing you all things sustainability.
Chris Hazell30/03/202042711 min read

The carbon cost of self-isolation: Internet and the environment

During the Corona Virus pandemic, social restrictions have had an unexpected consequence on carbon emissions. So, how are our new home lives effecting our carbon footprints?
Chris Hazell01/12/20183097 min read

Lost at sea: Our ocean’s plastics pollution problem

Before today, if you’d have told me that humankind was capable of constructing an entirely new island, double the size of Texas, in the middle of the Pacific, completely out of plastic, I would’ve said you were crazy. But we’ve managed it, completely unintentionally.
Chris Hazell01/10/20184009 min read

Sustainable Palm Oil: The secret ingredient in environmental degradation relief?

I recently discovered that three UK supermarket powerhouses only use sustainable Palm Oil in their own brand products. However, they actively choose not to advertise this. So, why hide it?