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Laurie Dalton10/01/20211865 min read

US Wetlands recovery could solve water pollution crisis

The US has struggled with river pollution for centuries. Yet new research indicates how restoring wetlands could be the answer. Find out how.
Laurie Dalton03/01/20212167 min read

2020 in Review – A Year of ecoLogicc

Here are some of our favourite quotes from 2020 in order to review and celebrate both the new year and our little social media milestone.
Laurie Dalton22/12/20202265 min read

5 Ways to Gift Consciously this Holiday Season (and anytime after)

With Christmas right around the corner, we have collaborated with the Canadian climate girl Karishma to show you how to gift more consciously now and forever!
James Heyward08/12/20202977 min read

Will the COVID-19 Pandemic End the Populist Movement?

Populism is currently on the retreat across much of the world as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. But will this be permanent? Has the pandemic exposed an alternative type of leadership that is more suitable to responding to future crises such as Climate Change?
Laurie Dalton03/12/20203185 min read

Sustainable fashion brands for an eco-Christmas 2020

In time for the festive period, we have collaborated with eco-conscious lifestyle influencer sustainablesistaa to give sustainable fashion ideas for Christmas.
James Heyward27/11/20203707 min read

Indigenous Knowledge and the Diversification of Climate Change Research

Indigenous groups are often marginalized within Climate Change discourse yet they offer unique ways of adaptation. How can we incorporate indigenous knowledge into research and help amplify the voices of the unheard?
Laurie Dalton24/11/20202204 min read

US climate policy: Historical new cabinet role for climate

A historical new role for John Kerry in Joe Biden’s cabinet places climate change front and centre for US climate policy.
Laurie Dalton16/11/20203046 min read

Black Friday 2020 will be environmentally damaging – Here’s how to reduce your impact

While Black Friday allows us to get gifts that were otherwise unaffordable, the explosion in emissions is harming our planet. So how can you curb your Black Friday emissions?