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Laurie Dalton03/10/2021454 min read

What has happened 1 month after the devastating New York floods

The September New York floods were were fatal, but with storms predicted to become more intense, what will the city do to respond to climate change?
Laurie Dalton19/09/2021776 min read

Haitian earthquake: 1 month after the devastation

It’s been a month since another Haitian earthquake struck the country against the backdrop of political turmoil. How has the recovery been faring since?
Laurie Dalton25/08/20211316 min read

How to Slow Men’s Fashion in 2021

Sustainable fashion has been growing. Yet women’s fashion has been prioritised over men’s, despite it’s huge impact. This article is all about how to slow men’s fashion.
Laurie Dalton25/08/20211345 min read

The UK Sustainable and Ethical Menswear List – 2021

For the best sustainable and ethical menswear brands, check out this 2021 list!
Laurie Dalton10/01/20212235 min read

US Wetlands recovery could solve water pollution crisis

The US has struggled with river pollution for centuries. Yet new research indicates how restoring wetlands could be the answer. Find out how.
Laurie Dalton03/01/20212747 min read

2020 in Review – A Year of ecoLogicc

Here are some of our favourite quotes from 2020 in order to review and celebrate both the new year and our little social media milestone.
Laurie Dalton22/12/20202695 min read

5 Ways to Gift Consciously this Holiday Season (and anytime after)

With Christmas right around the corner, we have collaborated with the Canadian climate girl Karishma to show you how to gift more consciously now and forever!
James Heyward08/12/20203487 min read

Will the COVID-19 Pandemic End the Populist Movement?

Populism is currently on the retreat across much of the world as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. But will this be permanent? Has the pandemic exposed an alternative type of leadership that is more suitable to responding to future crises such as Climate Change?