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Laurie DaltonJan 30, 20224935 min read

How to continue Veganuary for an environmentally friendly 2022

Vegan tips beyond Veganuary! Explore how to continue a vegan diet beyond January with eco-influencer Kayla.
Laurie DaltonJan 16, 20224184 min read

Volcano eruption in Tonga aggravates climate fight in the Pacific

As Tonga faces the aftermath of the Hunga Ha’apai eruption, it resurfaces the fight that Pacific islanders face from disasters and climate change.
Shaun BeattieDec 8, 20218657 min read

COP26 & Agriculture: Was Food Security the missing ingredient?

Guest writer Shaun explores why agriculture and food security was the missing ingredient at COP26.
Laurie DaltonDec 4, 20216116 min read

International Wildlife Conservation Day 2021 – Why Conservation is so Important

With global wildlife populations on course for a 6th mass extinction. Wildlife conservation is of paramount importance if we’re to successfully preserve complex ecosystems and food chains in the 21st century.