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Laurie Dalton21/07/20202404 min read

Loop’s “Zero-waste” supermarket shopping

It can be really hard to do your weekly shop without feeling guilty about all your waste and packaging. But Loop hopes to change that, find out how.
Chris Hazell16/07/20203093 min read

A new Green Investment Bank is on the horizon

With coronavirus hitting the UK’s economy hard, serious investment is needed to create jobs and start the UK on the road to recovery. Could a Green Investment Bank 2.0 be the answer?
Laurie Dalton22/06/20204204 min read

Have monkeys been in the stone age all this time?

Are monkeys already in the stone age? Yes. Research is increasingly showing they have been for thousands of years.
Chris Hazell18/06/20204816 min read

Intersectional Environmentalism: The solution to climate change inequality

The ‘Climate Crisis is a Racist Crisis’ is a term often vocalised by BLM. Climate change affects Black and Minority Ethnic people unequally. This week I discovered the concept of intersectional environmentalism and it may just be the answer we’ve been looking for.
ecoLogicc11/06/202078711 min read

The racial inequality of climate change and science

The ‘climate crisis is a racist crisis’. How structural racism is causing inequality over the biggest challenge facing humankind, plus a look at racism in science.
Chris Hazell04/06/202059310 min read

Coronavirus and sustainability: Lessons from the global pandemic

As lockdown is being lifted it’s hard to see normality returning. Predictions of a new post coronavirus world are surfacing. It’s looking for sustainability!