Climate Change Articles

ecoLogicc11/06/202052111 min read

The racial inequality of climate change and science

The ‘climate crisis is a racist crisis’. How structural racism is causing inequality over the biggest challenge facing humankind, plus a look at racism in science.
Laurie Dalton08/06/20201223 min read

Genghis Khan: The first eco-warrior?

Genghis Khan, one of the most brutal leaders and warrior in all of human history. But was he also the most successful eco-warrior too?
Chris Hazell21/05/202012512 min read

How I became carbon neutral: carbon offsetting for the individual

I have successfully become carbon neutral, without changing a thing, all for less than £100. The net carbon emissions of my 24 years living and consuming on this planet are zero, or so I’d like to think.
ecoLogicc18/05/202011184 min read

What on Earth is ecoLogicc?

Welcome to ecoLogicc – From culture to climate change, we aim to put the Logic into ecoLogicc bringing you all things sustainability.
Chris Hazell30/03/202025711 min read

The carbon cost of self-isolation: Internet and the environment

During the Corona Virus pandemic, social restrictions have had an unexpected consequence on carbon emissions. So, how are our new home lives effecting our carbon footprints?