Climate Change Articles

Laurie Dalton08/11/20205595 min read

What Joe Biden means for Climate Change

With the meandering US presidential election ending in victory for Biden, what exactly does it mean for climate policy and climate change in the US?
James Heyward05/11/20202166 min read

Climate Justice in The South Pacific: Why Treating Pacific Islanders as Victims Is Problematic

Rising sea levels pose a huge threat to many island nations in the South Pacific with their very way of life at risk. But why might our portrayal of these nations as climate change ‘victims’ be considered problematic? In what ways can ‘Climate Justice’ be achieved for the South Pacific?
Laurie Dalton29/10/20201364 min read

Aggressive Californian Forest Fires Continue

2020 was already a record-breaking year for Californian forest fires so surely there are no more to come this year?
James Heyward23/10/20201786 min read

Amphan and COVID-19 in The Bay of Bengal: A Warning For The Future?

In May 2020, Supercyclone Amphan hit Bengal in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Further exploitation of the natural environment means that Bengal is unlikely to be the last victim of these ‘double-disasters’.
Laurie Dalton19/10/20202005 min read

Great Barrier Reef corals continuing to die at an alarming rate

A recent study suggests The Great Barrier Reef has lost half of its corals since 1995. Find out how.
James Heyward15/10/20203235 min read

Tackling Mental Health in the Climate Crisis: Why Has Progress Been Lacking?

The mental health implications of climate change are often ignored. Why is this the case and what can be done about this?
Laurie Dalton13/10/20202036 min read

Hurricane Delta and Louisiana’s reluctance to acknowledge climate change

Two hurricanes in 6 weeks have devastated Louisianna. So what do the residents think about these hurricanes that are linked to climate change?
Laurie Dalton05/10/20201565 min read

Latest Innovation in Renewables to Drastically Increase Energy Output Globally

Find out how innovation in the renewable energy sector will drastically help the global energy sector in the future.