Climate Change Articles

Laurie Dalton13/02/20211016 min read

What is Global Warming, Has it Disappeared?

Global Warming used to be a popular buzzword but now it’s all about climate change. So, what is global warming, and what is the link to climate change?
Laurie Dalton10/02/2021934 min read

Explaining Climate Change vs Global Warming

Is climate change the same as global warming? Can one happen without the other? We find out in ‘climate change vs global warming’.
Laurie Dalton08/02/2021974 min read

Climate Change Causes: The Relentlessness of Humankind

Climate Change is one of the world’s most pressing challenges but what drives global climate change? What are the main climate change causes? Find out here.
Laurie Dalton04/02/2021995 min read

A Simple Climate Change Definition 2021

Climate change is everywhere in the news but rarely is it explained simply. With this Climate Change Definition, we can understand the fundamentals of climate change.
Laurie Dalton01/02/202112827 min read

What is Climate Change – The Definitive Guide 2021

Climate change is everpresent in the media and becoming a must-have priority on governmental agendas. But what is climate change and why is it so important? This is Climate Change – The Definitive Guide
Laurie Dalton28/12/2020764 min read

Motorsport goes green with Extreme E

A new racing series backed by Lewis Hamilton looks to lead the highly polluting motorsport industry towards a greener future, but how?
Laurie Dalton21/12/20201915 min read

2021 to be colder despite global warming continuing

2020 has been a record-breaking year for wildfires, hurricanes, flooding and global warming. Yet, the Met Office suggests that 2021 may be cooler, so why is this?
Laurie Dalton18/12/20201657 min read

Best Climate Change and Nature Movies/Documentaries 2020

Just in time for Christmas and the host of new lockdowns, we have provided some of the best nature and climate change movies as well as documentaries.