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Laurie Dalton28/12/2020694 min read

Motorsport goes green with Extreme E

A new racing series backed by Lewis Hamilton looks to lead the highly polluting motorsport industry towards a greener future, but how?
Laurie Dalton22/12/20201945 min read

5 Ways to Gift Consciously this Holiday Season (and anytime after)

With Christmas right around the corner, we have collaborated with the Canadian climate girl Karishma to show you how to gift more consciously now and forever!
Laurie Dalton21/12/20201825 min read

2021 to be colder despite global warming continuing

2020 has been a record-breaking year for wildfires, hurricanes, flooding and global warming. Yet, the Met Office suggests that 2021 may be cooler, so why is this?
Laurie Dalton18/12/20201577 min read

Best Climate Change and Nature Movies/Documentaries 2020

Just in time for Christmas and the host of new lockdowns, we have provided some of the best nature and climate change movies as well as documentaries.
Laurie Dalton12/12/20201795 min read

More climate pledges: UK and EU announce targets before 2021

Just as 2020 comes to a close, more climate pledges have been announced across Europe setting ambitious targets for 2030. But are they enough to meet the landmark Paris Agreement?
James Heyward08/12/20202417 min read

Will the COVID-19 Pandemic End the Populist Movement?

Populism is currently on the retreat across much of the world as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. But will this be permanent? Has the pandemic exposed an alternative type of leadership that is more suitable to responding to future crises such as Climate Change?
Laurie Dalton03/12/20202655 min read

Sustainable fashion brands for an eco-Christmas 2020

In time for the festive period, we have collaborated with eco-conscious lifestyle influencer sustainablesistaa to give sustainable fashion ideas for Christmas.
Valentina Gomez27/11/20203426 min read

Hurricane Iota and the dire consequences for Caribbean nations

Hurricane Iota; the strongest hurricane many Caribbean countries have ever experienced generated huge destruction. Read here to find out more.