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Laurie Dalton13/02/2021926 min read

What is Global Warming, Has it Disappeared?

Global Warming used to be a popular buzzword but now it’s all about climate change. So, what is global warming, and what is the link to climate change?
Laurie Dalton10/02/2021804 min read

Explaining Climate Change vs Global Warming

Is climate change the same as global warming? Can one happen without the other? We find out in ‘climate change vs global warming’.
Laurie Dalton08/02/2021874 min read

Climate Change Causes: The Relentlessness of Humankind

Climate Change is one of the world’s most pressing challenges but what drives global climate change? What are the main climate change causes? Find out here.
Laurie Dalton04/02/2021905 min read

A Simple Climate Change Definition 2021

Climate change is everywhere in the news but rarely is it explained simply. With this Climate Change Definition, we can understand the fundamentals of climate change.
Laurie Dalton01/02/202112027 min read

What is Climate Change – The Definitive Guide 2021

Climate change is everpresent in the media and becoming a must-have priority on governmental agendas. But what is climate change and why is it so important? This is Climate Change – The Definitive Guide
Laurie Dalton10/01/20211455 min read

US Wetlands recovery could solve water pollution crisis

The US has struggled with river pollution for centuries. Yet new research indicates how restoring wetlands could be the answer. Find out how.
Laurie Dalton06/01/20211604 min read

Development of wooden satellites to minimise environmental impact by 2023

The carbon cost of the space industry and the increase in space debris has led to the exploration of using wooden satellites. Will they really work?
Laurie Dalton03/01/20211887 min read

2020 in Review – A Year of ecoLogicc

Here are some of our favourite quotes from 2020 in order to review and celebrate both the new year and our little social media milestone.